New Single release March 2024 ...bluesy rendition of a mega hit

Reached finals short list for prestigious best Blues album of year award 2024

Wishing everyone a great ¬†Year! ūüĎćūü§† ‚Ķ ¬†we made it again

ZYX Peppercake label recording artist


New album order # PEC 2142 -1 (vinyl)

                                  # PEC 2142 - 2 (CD) 

On CD & Vinyl   >> Keepin'it hot <<

Rockin & Bluesin

Bluesin & more

JIM KAHR…. vocalist / guitarist / composer / mandolin.  Born & bred in Chicago with deep embedded roots in the "Chitown"  music scene. Quickly became a respected fixture around town.  JK toured and recorded with several icon legendary artists over decades of international performing.

Exceptional guitar chores backing renown  artists on tours/recordings worldwide as… JOHN LEE HOOKER (Free Beer & Chicken album w / Joe Cocker) .... BOBBY BLUE BLAND Orchestra, Charlie Musslewhite (Mellow Dee album), Jimmy Rogers (Gold Tail Bird album), Junior Wells, Freddie King.......etc. etc.

JK also holds a solid track record of conducting successful guitar bottleneck/slide Workshops for inspiring guitarists.

In Europe,  Jim embellished his career.... releasing  own award winning albums on several labels.

Actively touring currently promoting  his new song compositions and other creative rendition versions.

Checkout this explosive artist's energetic style, leaving a distinct  signature  behind EVERY performance. ... adding to your  timeless memorable treasured concert experiences.

Accredited throughout his career for true professionalism‚Ķ combined with an unforgettable authentic ‚Äúheart & soul‚ÄĚ touch sensation.

Performing with his ¬†"All Stars‚ÄĚ Band‚Ķ or ¬†Acoustic duo known as ‚Ķ‚Ķ"Blazing Duet".¬†¬†

See contact / concert bookings  page info for reference.

JIM KAHR is the extraordinary real deal......A true living legend

New album on ZYX record label entitled: 

                   Keepin it hot

Ardent Studios client artists list who recorded there....JK's new ZYX PEPPER CAKE label album release.. KEEPIN IT HOT ....was recorded at ARDENT STUDIOS in MEMPHIS. Legendary Grammy award winner / hall of fame inductee JIM GAINES / producer at the wheel on eleven studio tracks.http://www.bessieblues.com/gcredits.html